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Order Your Cremation Completely Online

We offer the most affordable direct cremation solution in the Tri State area.

Arrange a cremation completely online, with chat and phone support, in as little as 15 minutes, from the safety and comfort of home, or wherever you happen to be in your time of need.

We'll pick up your departed loved one promptly, 24/7, perform the cremation with dignity and respect, and return the cremains to you ... all for one low price. 






Ease and Affordability

Today, funerals generally cost between $5,000 and $12,000, and cremations more than $4,000. Even direct cremations (no embalming, expensive coffin, or traditional memorial service) average $2,000 - $3,000.We're committed to providing the most affordable cremations possible. Because we operate primarily online with phone and chat support, we can meet your needs and provide customized pricing. Was your lost loved one receiving public assistance? We are willing to assist you secure up to 100% of the cost of cremation if eligible. Time of loss is hard enough, let us do the heavy lifting.


Security, Convenience, and Speed

We are a traditional funeral home, so we understand the time-consuming requirements for making arrangements. 

We are a family oriented funeral home that provides caring and experienced professionals. Our focus is to assist you through this time of loss to grieve and ease stress.

We thrive on presenting custom arrangements to our families. We offer Witness Cremation Services for you to be with your loved one for final disposition. 


Quality and Reliability

Though our prices are low, we don't ask you to sacrifice quality and reliability. Our family of funeral directors has been servicing customers throughout the Tri State and Metropolitan area for over 40 years! Allowing us to bring friendly, acknowledgeable advice when it comes to your loved one's final disposition. 

Plus, every funeral director is required to meet the following high standards:

  • fully licensed and in good standing with all relevant State Funeral Boards;

  • adhere to strict protocols and professional qualifications for quality control;

  • committed to transparent pricing and compassionate customer care;

  • empowered by state-of-the-art technology.


No Hidden Fees

Each cremation includes the following key items. Make sure when you're shopping around that competitor quotes include each of these required components:

  • Pickup and transport;

  • Social Security notification and filing of forms;

  • Cremation tray;

  • Crematory fee;

  • Basic container for the cremains (ashes)

Let Us Assist You

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